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I'm a visual editor and producer with over 20 years of experience in both the fashion and interior design industries.

With a natural aesthetic eye, appreciation for quality and functionality, I help clients realize their vision, I find creative solutions and bring to life interiors.


Set-upfurnish, decorate and install interiors - residential and yachts - in both New York and Italy. 

Curate new-home registries: quality wares, accessories and linens, for every room, specific to the decor and unique personal lifestyle. 

• Supply original, one-of-a-kind vintage furniture on demand in partnership with architects and vintage dealers based in Italy.


I source artisans with traditional skills and a modern approach, most of them are from Italy, where makers are still driven by a passion for quality; an appreciation and pride in fine craftsmanship and a deep knowledge of the raw materials.

Custom-made and personalized home goods; fit to measure to your desires, one-off or in limited quantities.

• Develop, curate and produce lines of quality made homeware such as lighting, furniture, table linens, bedding, porcelains, also glass, wicker and leather goods.  


Source, Purchase, Design, Create, Develop, Produce, Plan, Edit, Organize, Consult, Shop, Stock, Equip, Prime, Prep, Put-Together, Arrange, Set-Up, Set-Out, Lay-Out, Style, Decorate, Furnish, Match, Combine, Sort, Fashion, Curate, Make-Look-Good, Coordinate, Take-Care-Of, Manage, Schedule, Map-Out, Introduce, Think-Up, Figure Out and Solve. 


I was born and raised in Genova, Italy and - as the grand-daughter of ship Captains - I could never stay in one place or do just one thing. So I travelled and lived abroad from a young age, studied and worked in many places; England, Australia, California, Cayman Islands, Hawaii. Even though I studied business management and international trade and marketing for the fashion industries, I was always intrigued by the creative process of combining different things together and make them look exponentially better than if on their own; whether applied to something to wear, furniture, colors, fabrics, flowers and food. The art of display and arrangement has always been a passion within me since the very beginning. Once in NYC, I became involved with many creative endeavors, the most significant: 


For 19 years I was the NY Bureau Senior Editor for international magazines Collezioni, covering fashion shows, trade fairs and events on women prêt a porter, men prêt a porter, haute couture, bridal, accessories, textiles, baby, kidswear, furniture, table tops and home goods. 


Producing and styling fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and interiors photoshoots for other Italian and American publications, such as: Vanity Fair Italy, Bon Appétit, Real Simple, Parents and The New York Times Magazine. 


Working at Katch I.D., a luxury interiors firm based in NYC.​

Starting Affinità Moderne, a custom-made home linens brand: some of my projects were featured in AD, Vogue Bambini, Interior Design and Elle Decor. 


Earning a certification in Flower Design from The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NY, a Culinary Apprentice Program Certificate from the Natural Gourmet Institute, NY and the STCW Basic certification from Maritime Professional Training, in FL.

With this broad and unique combination of experiences and resources, I work with private clients, interior designers and brands, setting up interiors, curating new-home registries, creating housewares and much more. 


I divide my time between NYC, Italy and Mexico City. I’m fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French. 

Depending on the scope, size and location of the project, I will collaborate with a small consortium of local professionals, such as real estate agents, architects, interior designers, antiques dealers and chefs. 

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